This season, an unprecedented popularity received a manicure, which is called "Broken glass." Today we will tell you how to do it yourself at home. Many women have already appreciated…

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With age, you begin to understand that your skin will not forever remain smooth and silky. There comes a time when, in order to maintain its elasticity, it is necessary…

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With age, you begin to understand that your skin will not forever remain smooth and silky. There comes a time when, in order to maintain its elasticity, it is necessary…

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Faced with the need to choose a method by which women get rid of unwanted vegetation, each chooses a method that delivers the minimum amount of discomfort and reduces pain from the procedure.

One of the ways that has recently appeared on the market of space services is “oriental epilation”. The procedure is performed using a specialized, pre-prepared mixture, the main components of which include:

-Glue of plant origin
-Lemon juice

Epilation using the oriental method is performed only with the help of natural ingredients, therefore the risk of allergies and other troubles is almost minimized. The mixture, which is obtained by mixing all the main components, does not contain harmful substances and dyes. It turns out quite elastic and soft, due to which it can be easily distributed over the skin and just as easily removed. During the procedure, the mixture is gradually cooled and rolled into a small ball.

The mixture, which in its composition and texture resembles caramel, is an excellent way that allows you to quickly and for a sufficiently long time to remove excess hair from the surface of the skin.

Oriental hair removal: the rules of conduct and advantage

And although the method of using caramel in the practice of beauty salons appeared not so long ago, this method is considered to be old. When all the active components interact, the mixture can penetrate deeply into the follicle of each hair and as if pulling it from there. This suggests, first of all, that the hair can not break and can not begin to grow under the skin. At the end of the procedure, you can get a smooth, smooth skin, while without the occurrence of irritation and inflammation on its surface. Actually, this is the main goal.

Prior to the procedure, it is recommended to prepare the skin beforehand, you need to take talc and cover all areas with unwanted vegetation with a rich layer of talc. During the procedure, small pieces of the mixture will be applied to the skin. The application process is carried out using gentle, massage, light movements. Caramel is convenient enough to use when you need to remove hairs from small areas of skin.

Remove the mixture in the direction of hair growth. After the removal process, it is recommended to cover the skin with lotion or cream after epilation.

The main condition for performing the procedure and using the method is that the length of the hairs must be at least two millimeters. If the hairs are smaller, then the caramel will not have the desired effect. After the epilation is completed during the first day, you do not need to sunbathe, go to the sauna, take artificial sunbathing and go to the pool.

Main advantages

First, the risk of ingrown hairs is minimized when using this method.

Secondly, the risk of burns and minor damage to blood vessels is also minimized, as caramel is used only in a cold state. This makes it possible to use the method for those who suffer from varicose veins.

Thirdly, in order to remove the entire mixture from the surface of the skin there is no need to use any specialized means.

Fourth, all the necessary components, usually in every kitchen, in any hostess. Therefore, the procedure is considered to be budget.

Fifth, the method has practically no contraindications, except that this method cannot be used if the skin has dermatological diseases and is allergic to any component in the composition.

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