Every year more and more people begin to wear glasses not only because of eye problems, but also because it is beautiful and gives the appearance of a certain zest.…

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Luxurious hair is one of the most important women's jewelry and dignity. Unfortunately, not every woman of the fair sex naturally gives docile curls. Are you tired of spending your…

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Hair coloring is invariably a fashionable trend. We believe that it is not necessary to go through your whole life and try to make changes to your appearance. Moreover, what…

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Often, girls love to experiment on their way. However, in order to completely change the image, they resort to all sorts of ways. Is there a simpler method?

Sure! And it consists in coloring the hair.

Unfortunately, very often, this procedure harms the hair. In an attempt to find their own personal shade, ladies under the influence of emotions, may not pay attention to the side of the paint or use it incorrectly.

Hair coloring Let us consider recommendations that will help not only to avoid this, but also to make your hair color fashionable. Almost every woman, once dyed her hair. But not everyone was happy with the result. Today, hair coloring specialists have excellent methods in this work.

If you have a desire to improve your own color or completely change it, then we have the technology with which we do it at a high level. Our workers have not only a great experience in this field, but they are not lagging behind the latest painting methods that are ready to show you. Not only fashionable, but also creative.

Recently, our opportunities are expanding. Having received education in the best educational institutions, we are ready to put into practice this invaluable knowledge! Whatever hair color you choose, we have it. Even if you do not know which shade or color is suitable for you personally, do not worry.

Our experts can skillfully select a specific color for each person who will be in harmony with the face and eye color.

We will be able to help create your personal outrageous image!

Today there is a completely new trend – this is 3d hair coloring.
This technique expects more from specialists than their professional skills.
Here you need to use creativity.
The procedure of 3d coloring is based on three shades, which are distributed in one, main tone, and in several semitones.
The worker paints on a separate system on the strands that he chooses on some parts of the head.
This in turn helps to create a volumetric and beautiful look.
There is an ombre painting system.
Unlike the previous one, the basis of this is about 2 or more tones.
Colors can be distributed from one to another, or from light to dark and vice versa.

Light brown and strawberry undertones, more suitable for light painting. Coffee and chocolate, for the dark.

Our experts are professionals! Put your hair in their hands and see for yourself. more …

Each woman knows that the appearance is a kind of “calling card” of a woman. It is therefore very important to constantly take care of yourself.

Hair requires special care, because the image of the woman as a whole depends on their condition. Beautiful and well-groomed hair indicate that their owner cares for herself. How to achieve this effect?

Hair coloring in Otradnoe will allow you to look much more well-groomed. Many people mistakenly believe that if a natural hair color is beautiful, it is not necessary to dye it. However, this opinion is erroneous, because it is the painting that makes the hair bright and its color saturated.

Our beauty salon “Image Suite” offers you a wide range of different services that will make any lady irresistible! Our professionals will help you choose the right image, give advice on hair care and become real “friends” of each visitor!

If you are tired after a hard day, you can visit our salon and sign up for a massage. Our massage therapist will allow you to relax and rejuvenate. If you are in search of your image, then our image-makers will be able to give you good advice and make your appearance completely new.

The number of girls who paint eyebrows is growing every day. After all, the edges tend to be imperfect in shape, and with the help of a pencil you can make the shape the way you want it. However, we must admit that constantly tint them – this is a very difficult task. Also, you can get unequal edge, and it immediately shows that they are made up. Therefore, it is much better to contact the salon, where you will quickly color the edges and correct their shape.

Coloring eyebrows on Nagornaya will make your face completely different. After all, the eyebrow line directly affects the facial features. Therefore, with the help of the correct coloring you can make the border brighter and more expressive. Before coloring we recommend to visit the master who will be able to correct a shape of eyebrows. Often there are girls, eyebrows that are very thin and rare by nature. In this case, staining will be a real “salvation.”

If you want to put your body in order, then be sure to visit the solarium. With it, your skin will become tanned and beautiful, so you will not hesitate to undress on the beach in spring. And among the many “white” bodies you can stand out and slay all with your skin tone.

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