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Beautiful, well-groomed nails – the pride of every girl. Under the influence of modern fashionable delights, you can find many original and unique designs of manicure.

Enough to get a lot of nail extensions. With it, you can get the desired strong and long nails, without making efforts to grow them. Beauty salon PREM offers the services of professional masters who specialize in nails on the Primorskaya.

Currently used two substances with which the procedure is carried out capacity:

Allows you to create not only strong, but shiny nails. Two components are used for this: a powder from polymers and a liquid. The result is a substance that hardens when interacting with air.

This technique has its advantages:

The main advantage is the immaculate strength of the nail plate, which is almost impossible to damage.
such nails will have sufficient flexibility and elasticity
Unlike gel coatings, acrylic can be adjusted without starting the procedure from scratch. That is, if there are small chips or delaminations, it is enough to perform a “repair”
in order to remove the nail plate, apply a special substance. No need to cut the surface, as in the case of a helium coating
a manicure will not deteriorate under the influence of various household chemicals, when washing or washing dishes

Cons acrylic extensions:

Strong smell
aggressive primers with high acid content
zapilyvanie natural nail for better hitch


damaged nail plate
thin and brittle nails
zapilyvanie natural nail for better hitch

Recovery capability:

full nail accretion

Technique in which a special substance is used, hardening under the influence of ultraviolet rays. The gel is environmentally friendly, unlike acrylic. This eliminates the possibility of an allergic reaction. Also, the nail can safely breathe through such a coating. The growth of the nail plate is using special templates. They are selected depending on what kind of nail you need to get. Gel coating has a number of distinctive characteristics:

no unpleasant pungent odor
platinum has high elasticity
surface strength
the occurrence of cracks and chips is practically kept to a minimum
broad design solutions
it is much easier to apply rhinestones on the gel, to create a three-dimensional pattern

Cons gel building:

fragile material
high acid aggressive primers
the need for zapilivaniya natural nail
natural nail interaction with poisonous gel
impressive thickness of the extended nail to give the desired strength
the need for zapilivaniya natural nail

Recovery capability:

full nail accretion

And now we will talk about the material for extension, which we have chosen for our manicure office:

Nail extensions


no aggressive components
no unpleasant smell
Does not require nail filing
hypoallergic composition
contains nutrients
L-Cystein – an amino acid that is part of the keratin protein, which is the building material for the growth of healthy nails
Chitosan is a natural polyamino saccharide with high antibacterial and antifungal activity.
Ability to model thin nails of any length and shape
Natural nail is not injured after removing the gel and remains healthy
The possibility of simultaneous growth and permanent nutrition of the nail with the help of special gels


Create a masterpiece of nail art, make nail extensions on Vasilyevsky Island in the PREM beauty salon. After working with our masters you can enjoy beautiful and strong nails for a long time.

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