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Unwanted hair causes discomfort in almost all women, and for some they even pose a problem. The best solution to this issue is wax depilation, which is carried out in the PREM salon on Morskoy Embankment.

The authorship of this method of removing unnecessary vegetation belongs to the queen of Egypt, Nefertiti. She carried out the procedure in the form of applying a certain viscous mass to the body. After solidification, the mass was torn off along with the scalp. In our salon, depilation is performed on Vasilyevsky Island at a professional level.

A little bit about waxing:

short term effect
hot wax is used to eliminate hair in areas of the body with the most delicate skin
for high quality results, the length of the hairs should be more than 0.5 cm
in case of irritation, its duration is limited to days
Previously, at the very beginning of epilation, the necessary composition is applied to the surface of the skin, which reduces discomfort, which degreases and disinfects. Also applied gel minimizes the risk of inflammation after depilation. The procedure ends with the application of a special oil, which removes the signs of irritation, nourishes the skin and gives it softness. In addition to all the oil retards hair growth. That is why, replacing shaving with the depilation service in the PREM salon at Primorskaya metro station, you not only get rid of unwanted hair for a long time, but also have a healthy effect on your skin.

PREM beauty salon offers depilation:

hot wax
warm (soft) wax

Depilation Depilation Depilation
The materials used are of decent quality, comfortable to use and do not cause allergies.

For a depilation session, the wax is heated with a wax melt, after which it is applied to the desired area along the hair growth. Then a special paper strip with a sharp movement breaks in the direction against the growth of hair.

The advantages of waxing:

The duration of the result exceeds 21 days.
Instant effect on wide areas of the body
Re-growing hair does not form bristles
Repeated treatments make hair weaker and slow down its growth.
Wax – auxiliary source of nutrition and skin softening

Qualified PREM specialists will provide top-level depilation service on Vasilievsky Island with minimal pain. Please yourself with a renewed, moisturized and smooth skin!

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