Every girl is committed to the ideal. For this you need to maintain the silky hair, sweet smile and, of course, clean face. The condition of the skin depends on…

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In our century, hair cosmetics are practically leading among daily care products among women in the country. Quite often, we give a new color to our hair, but we can…

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Eyelash extensions
Working in a business such as eyelash extensions, the master needs regular skill improvement. Continuous improvement is also necessary in order not to be afraid of competition. So, on the…

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The life cycle of a hair consists of three stages, its duration varies from 2 to 5 years. Each hair follicle is genetically programmed to produce approximately 25-27 hairs. Each hair lives on its own individual schedule, and therefore different hairs are at different stages of their life cycle at the same time: 85% of hairs are in the active growth phase (anagen), 1% in the rest phase (catagen) and 14% in stages of loss (telogen).

Weakened and brittle hair does not paint a man and a woman at all. Nowadays, there are many beauty-procedures that can adversely affect the condition of the hair, especially if they are carried out by non-professionals. Painting, perming or straightening significantly spoil the structure of the hair, destroying it.

Experts work with cosmetics, which at home will not work. These are professional drugs, so you need to have considerable experience and knowledge in order to properly handle them.

Depending on the problem, different active ingredients are used. Quite popular is nanocosmetics. However, to carry out the procedure with its use can only qualified master with a good reputation.

If your hair needs to return elasticity and elasticity, keratin therapy will be a worthy option. It will fill your hair with vital energy and make them shine.

The maximum effect can be obtained using mesotherapy.

Hair restoration
She gained immense popularity quite recently, but already managed to conquer the hearts of many beauties. The principle of action consists in the introduction of a subcutaneous injectable cocktail. There is no clear recipe for the solution. It all depends on the professional skills of a specialist and on the condition of the hair.

Awesome effect give a variety of oils. They nourish the scalp and return the second breath to the curls. Exotic, herbal or Tibetan oils can be used. In combination with a relaxing massage, the client also receives unforgettable impressions.

Another good way to restore weakened hair is biolamination. During the procedure, each hair is enveloped in a protective layer, which reliably “seals” all active components inside.

Hair restoration
Thus, your hair is no longer afraid of the harmful effects of the environment. They shine again, shimmering in the sun.

The PREM beauty salon and aesthetics on Vasilyevsky Island offers various hair restoration treatments. Depending on the active components, the following results can be achieved:

hair smoothness
brilliant shine;
hair will become docile and easy to style
they will stop pushing and electrify
food takes place from the inside
protection from harmful substances of the environment
you will forget about brittleness and dry hair forever
The hair restoration service on Primorskaya will help to restore shine and health to your hair. Professional beauty stylists will select the most suitable procedure for your hair condition, the effect of which you will notice instantly!

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