With age, you begin to understand that your skin will not forever remain smooth and silky. There comes a time when, in order to maintain its elasticity, it is necessary…

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Eyelash extensions
Working in a business such as eyelash extensions, the master needs regular skill improvement. Continuous improvement is also necessary in order not to be afraid of competition. So, on the…

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The second most popular method of dealing with visible skin imperfections is biorevitalization. In fact, it can be attributed to one of the types of mesotherapy. The effect is achieved…

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Injections of beauty in the form of Botox injections have long conquered the hearts of millions of beautiful women. However, not everyone knows that this unique tool also effectively affects the hair. Botulinum toxin makes them elastic and silky, filling with vital energy.

The procedure for saturation of hair with nutrients and vitamins can take place in a regular beauty salon. The used solution is so effective that it can restore a second life even to completely damaged hair. Botox plays an important role. It seems to seal all the active components in the hair structure, which prevents their evaporation and leaching. The effect appears lightning-fast and persists for a long time – up to six months.


It is impossible to select a clear list of indications for which the magic tool will be most effective. As a rule, such a tool is used by those who watch their hair and want it to be well-groomed and have an attractive appearance.

It is very good to apply Botox to the hair after the dyeing procedure. The result is somewhat similar to lamination. Hair becomes luxurious shine and become smooth and manageable.

By the way botulinum toxin is also indicated as an anti-baldness remedy. So it can be safely applied with hair loss for both women and men.

Despite the positive effect of the drug, its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended. Also, Botox is contraindicated for people with impaired nervous processes. If you have appointed a procedure during menstruation, you must transfer it, since you will not get the maximum effect. Botox is not used in retirement age.

Depending on the technology used, the drug can be applied on the head in two ways:

by injection

Naturally, the drug introduced inside will have a deeper effect. And the effect will last for a longer time. Hair is saturated not only from the outside, but also feed from the inside.

First of all, the hair is washed and thoroughly dried.
The composition of the preparation is selected, the active components of which have different effects on the hair.
Depending on the condition of the hair, the most suitable technology for applying Botox is chosen.
In addition to it, other active ingredients may be contained in the solution used, the various combinations of which have a certain effect.

used vitamins A, B, E, C
thanks to aloe vera, the scalp is moistened and the hair gets extra volume. Also extract improves blood circulation.
stimulate hair growth leaves green tea
keratin copes best with restoring protein structure
hair shaft is saturated with amino acids that strengthen it from the inside

This technology is based on the Greymy KTA Rx 100, using a new proprietary substance.

CTA Rx 100 contains keratin amino acids and hair related substances. Keratin amino acids are very small in size, so when thermally acting on the hair, they penetrate into the deeper layers and are embedded to form new compounds similar to human keratin molecules. Powerful KTA keratin concentrate completely restores from the inside and strengthens the globular as well as keratin protein molecules inside the hair, filling and nourishing them. CTA contains asparic acids, which prevent the loss of their keratin, due to which toxins and all harmful chemical derivatives from the hair are removed. Collagen also has an important effect in the recovery process, affecting the lipid layer, which makes the hair more dense.

This procedure can be repeated 3-6 times a year.

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