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With age, you begin to understand that your skin will not forever remain smooth and silky. There comes a time when, in order to maintain its elasticity, it is necessary to turn to aesthetic medicine. To date, the most popular and effective way to fight wrinkles are Botox shots.

Botox is a procedure during which a special preparation, botulinum toxin, is injected into the subcutaneous tissues. It blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, paralyzing the muscles of the face. Such an injection of beauty does not require prior injection of the anesthetic. The effect appears quickly – within two days, and persists for a long time – up to six months.


The drug affects primarily mimic wrinkles. These are the folds on the face that have arisen as a result of the activity of facial muscles. They provoke the formation of skin folds, which over time do not pass by themselves.

Botox is active at the age of 30 to 40, when mimic folds begin to appear more and more.

There are a number of indications for which Botox is especially effective:

deep wrinkles in the frontal area
creases between eyebrows
folds under the corners of the eyes
lowered eyebrows
wrinkles on the nose


Before the procedure, the patient must be examined by a doctor and the necessary tests should be carried out. You need to know about all violations in the functioning of the body, if any. However, there are a number of indications, in the presence of which Botox injections cannot be performed. These include:

gestation period
antibiotics period
acute mental disorders
muscle breakdown
presence of mechanical damage to the skin at the procedure site
allergic reaction to the components of the active drug

After the procedure is carried out, it is necessary to adhere to clear recommendations of the doctor for some time. In addition, in order to avoid infection, you should:

on the first day during the rest it is not recommended to turn your face to the bottom, leaning in the pillow
refrain from hot washing for a couple of days
do not touch the face
abstain from alcohol consumption
preferably in the first 24 hours do not drive a car
eliminate the use of decorative cosmetics in the first and second days after the Botox injections.
After the procedure, there may be some side effects that manifest themselves to varying degrees in each individual. You may have a headache, nausea, and a bruise may occur at the site of the injection. There is also a feeling of discomfort in the injection zones. These symptoms are temporary and they soon pass away, so you shouldn’t worry about them.

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