Well-groomed hands at all times were considered a sign of success of a woman. Untidiness causes a feeling of disgust to his mistress, which negatively affects the establishment of business…

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Every day, modern aesthetic medicine is increasingly approaching the creation of an ideal technology that will effectively and efficiently affect the lesions of the skin. Already there are many techniques…

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In our century, hair cosmetics are practically leading among daily care products among women in the country. Quite often, we give a new color to our hair, but we can…

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Hair coloring is invariably a fashionable trend. We believe that it is not necessary to go through your whole life and try to make changes to your appearance. Moreover, what distinguishes a real woman? That’s right, not constancy!
That one mood, then another … But this is great … Constantly, something happens in life.

And you can’t say that if your hair is natural, it’s not damaged. They are also under the constant influence of external factors: the sun, water, non-salon products for home use and more.

What should be a quality paint that can convey the desired color and cause minimal damage to your hair?

What is the most important in the procedure of hair coloring?

minimal damage to the main blade
resistant color
decoration and transformation of our image
What does it mean for a beauty salon to be successful?

To do this, you need at least three components:

1. To be a popular beauty salon.
2. Have a staff of advanced hairdressers.
3. Know new technologies in the beauty industry.
To be advanced, as they say in the modern language “To be in trend.” For example, for three years in a row the most popular hair coloring are three types:

shatush coloring
Ombre staining
balayazh staining

Permanent paint is the most resistant, it paints over 100% gray hair and gives a lasting effect.

Yes, it contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Do not believe those professionals who promise a perfect harmless coloring for hair.

Ammonia and other chemical components are simply necessary in order to open your hair and run inside the paint.

But, you should not make a problem out of this, because a small amount of ammonia is not harmful, or even some serious diseases are treated.

In our beauty salon, we selected manufacturers who invented a means to reduce the ammonia content in the paint. And the content of panthenol and amino acids moisturize and protect hair.

The main difficulty is that hydrogen peroxide, which is also needed for the chemical decomposition process, dries the hair and here you just need to know that after dyeing you need additional care and a better salon because the professional and necessary amount of complex is in all professional lines. Also important is the systematic approach and the order of application, and exposure time.

The most annoying thing is that the paint from the store has 3 times more harmful components. This product is aimed at the fact that it would quickly and without much hassle paint over gray hair or change color.

But not everyone thinks about it or simply does not know what the difference is.

In addition to all the salon dyeing on the Premium class dye is at the same time care.

These dyes include a large number of moisturizing and nourishing components: Bisabolol, aloe vera, betaine, coconut oil, glycine.

Salon coloring on Premium class dye is at the same time leaving.

His confidence in work is admired, and his professional qualities are amazing. Clients often come to us with spoiled hair from other salons and we are very upset when we see this. What a pity that there are many beauty salons, and there are fewer and fewer real professionals. Professionals with a capital letter work in our salon! Rustam knows his business perfectly and confirms this with his Cups and Gold medals at Hairdressing Contests.
Cup in the Championship of St. Petersburg “Full fashion image
Gold medalist at the Championship of St. Petersburg “Progressive haircut
Gold medalist at the Championship of St. Petersburg “Full progressive image
Gold medalist Nevskie Berega.Technical category
Gold medalist Neva banks in the category Classic haircut with styling


This paint covers 80% of gray hair.

Semi-permanent paint is safer compared to the previous version.

It does not contain hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia is replaced by a special ammonia salt.

The dye does not disturb the hair structure much, and only slightly affects the cuticle.

Such staining is less resistant and after 20-30 head washes the tone can be washed out.

You can paint gray hair with semi-permanent paint, but if there is not much gray hair and it is not glassy.


Semi-resistant hair dyes are the safest.

They contain no more than 3% ammonia and do not contain peroxide.

During this dyeing, the natural pigment is not washed out, and the dye is distributed, only around the hair, and not inside.

This method can make your natural tone brighter, but it will not paint over gray hair and will not change the color of hair drastically.

The choice depends on your desires and hair type. Come to the hair coloring on the sea promenade!

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