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Every girl is committed to the ideal. For this you need to maintain the silky hair, sweet smile and, of course, clean face. The condition of the skin depends on your lifestyle and nutrition. Unfortunately, unfavorable ecology also belongs to the main factors affecting our health. Facial cleansing is necessary for everyone, because only in this way can you contribute to the speedy cell renewal.

Today, cosmetology can offer a wide range of facial cleansing services, both mechanically and with special equipment.


First, it is necessary, and for this there are three reasons:

Skin must breathe
Skin balance
Clear skin from deep contamination

Secondly, it is aesthetic and practical.

Aesthetic ?: A well-groomed face is attractive and charming.

Practical ?: All costs of cosmetics will be meaningless, as the cream does not fall into the right layers of the skin and does not fulfill its intended purpose.

Daily procedures carried out at home, can not clean the skin at the proper level, and in fact the face is constantly affected by various factors: perspiration accumulates, clogged pores, ultraviolet radiation from the sun also affects it. The skin loses freshness, fades, and it can even form inflammation. Therefore, regularly requires peeling of the face.

The term “peeling” means the removal of the upper cornified layer. Depending on the components used additionally, the skin is nourished and filled with useful substances. This is an excellent solution to combat problem skin – acne, seborrhea and other diseases.

If you notice black spots on your face, do not wait until they leave! These are far from harmless formations – they are foci of infections. When they appear, you must always contact the specialists. The masters of our PREM beauty salon know exactly how to deal with them. In their work, they use Canadian cosmetics Meillume. Its main feature is naturalness, so this cosmetics is suitable for almost all women. Meillume skin remedies can save you many skin problems.

Acne is not our friends!
Acne is also effectively treated in our salon. Our masters provide an effective face cleansing service with Bubble out, which will help you forget about this problem in just 24 hours!

Bubble out is a healing tool that works in 5 directions.

Its composition includes the following components: salicylic acid, azelaic acid, almond and glycerritic acid, as well as bisabolol. Each component actively affects the skin cells, thereby updating them.

Facial cleansing at the Sea Promenade will help restore your skin’s healthy appearance. Qualified cosmetologists will select the most effective cleaning method for you, the result of which you will see immediately.

We will also help you deal with aesthetic problems. To do this, in our beauty salon experienced masters spend SPA cleansing. For this procedure, French professional cosmetics LaBiosthetique is used, which gently affects the skin. Among its advantages are natural components, which guarantees its safety.

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