To make beautiful nails, and not to harm your health, the main thing is to make sure that all the work in the salon or hairdresser is sterile. But how…

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One of the important details of any image is the hairstyle. This element says a lot about the girl. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to hair, to always…

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One of the important details of any image is the hairstyle. This element says a lot about the girl. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to hair, to always look irresistible. Often, due to the fast pace of life to create a luxurious hairstyle, there is not enough time – over time, many women stop even trying to create luxurious curls. Beauty salon and aesthetics PREM offers you the perfect solution – French coloring, which will always look great!

Let the beauty stylist create you a unique image that will add zest and excite the eyes of others. Specially developed equipment, which conquered the world a long time ago, is now subject only to experienced masters of their craft. Painting through the hair can not only revive the hair, but also give it a French elegance and luxury. Balayazh or French coloring takes its origins from France 70s. Technique has gained popularity in recent years, and successfully conquers the world today.

Ombre and balayazh are hair coloring techniques that have been talked about a lot lately. They are confused or compared and often do not see the difference. Yes, these stains are similar, but there are still differences.

It is the shining of the strands, from the darker color near the roots to the lighter one at the ends. Depends on the specific technique of applying lightening paint.

Balayazh is a French word. A colorist dyeing hair with a balayazh method, holds the brush with paint over the hair vertically, working only with the brush tip and only on the top layer of hair. Creating natural brightening, sun-bleached hair.

Ombre staining looks better on curly hair. Some criticize the ombra for what it looks like you have not gone to the hairdresser for a long time. And this is true, if the hairdresser who takes on this coloring does not own some “secrets” and does not know the main nuances. separating the dark color from the light will not be visible.

Therefore, you can hide the unexpected effect just by curling your hair, before you find, the specialist who will make your life even more beautiful. On straight hair, the transition will be more noticeable, but this can also be corrected, but again, only the one who really owns this technique at the highest level. TIP: If you like an ombra, then choose a quality dye and be sure to have a hairdresser with a good reputation.

In balayazh other weak points. According to this dyeing technique – the ends of the hair are lightened more and they are damaged in any case. TIP: Do not neglect the recommendations of the hairdresser for additional home care.

If your hair is straight, balayazh more suitable for you. According to this technique, the hair is lightened by 2-3 tones. Brightening dye is applied to the hair vertically, and you will not get the effect similar to regrown roots.

This is the most gentle way of highlighting of all. During the application of paint, only the brush and the skilled hands of the beauty stylist are used, which creates a masterpiece. The coloring pigment is applied directly under the root and along the entire length of the hair. Thanks to a special brush, the shade can be added even in difficult places near the root. No foil and thermal effects. The structure of the curl takes on a second life and is strengthened from the inside. Highlighting does not harm and cares for the hair, thanks to the substances in the composition of the emulsion, so you can safely forget about ammonia and other toxins.

Owners of long wavy or straight hair can be envied, because balayazh will give them charm and lightness. Having visited the beauty salon on Vasilievsky Island PREM only once, your image will play in a new way. The technique of French coloring is used to create a unique style most of Hollywood stars: Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Fergie and Victoria Beckham know a lot about the beauty industry. Desired by millions of men all over the world, celebrities make every effort to always look their best.

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