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Eyelash extensions
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Many people know about the benefits of tanning beds. At the moment, this is the best way to get a tan, completely harmless to health. After all, thanks to sunburn, the body begins not only to actively synthesize vitamin D3, but also mobilizes hidden reserves, which significantly increases efficiency.

Now it is not necessary to go to hot countries in the middle of winter to get a tan. Why, if there is a solarium located near the place of residence. It is important that the process itself will have to spend quite a bit of time, and there is no doubt about the harmlessness of artificial tan.

solarium solarium collagenarium
Magic rays

UV-A and UV-B rays are responsible for the safety of the procedure, which are used in tanning beds. Their use as a source of radiation contributes not only to obtaining the desired result, but also allows you to improve the condition of the skin. For example, UV-A rays can get rid of acne and seborrhea, namely UV-B rays help synthesize vitamin D3, which prevents cancer. more …

Best design

In the horizontal model, the skin is in contact with the glass, and in a vertical booth there can be no such contact. Of course, this is not the only advantage.

In a vertical solarium, a person feels free and comfortable, and the spiraling conditioning allows one to from the procedure, during which the whole body is blown by the air flow.

In fact, it is a collagenary solarium, the task of which is to make the skin not only tanned, but also more elastic and elastic.

Vertical type solarium MegaSun Tower pure Energy, belonging to the class “TURBO”, is in special demand. In addition to a set of lamps (52 pcs.), Each with a capacity of 230 W, this equipment is equipped with useful functionality. For example, during the procedure, the client can listen to your favorite music. It is noteworthy that for all “LUX” class solariums, additional options are provided, moreover, it is not only the air conditioning system, but also the “AQUARIZ” function.

It should be noted that the equipment was manufactured by the German concern KBL, and in its manufacture completely new technologies were used. MegaSun Tower pure Energy is the most powerful model in its class, so every customer will get a perfectly even, and most importantly, harmless tan.

Solarium Otradnoe has such equipment in its arsenal. It was in him that the latest developments in the field of photobiology and insolation were realized. Powerful lamps, allowing to get a bronze tan in a short time – this is not the only advantage of this model, the main characteristics of which are given below:

Two-meter lamp with filter (52 pcs.), 230 watts.
Airflow and ventilation systems, 4 air supply channels, air conditioning.
Touch control panel.
Mirrors on the lower and upper surface.
The intensity of the blower can be adjusted, while all the equipment works almost silently.
During the session, the client’s skin is moistened, thanks to a special system “AQUARIZ”.
Russian-language menu.
Modern multimedia system.
Anyone who uses this model will get not only a good tan, but also a real pleasure from the process, because not every solarium in Bibirevo can boast of such equipment.

Special cosmetics

In any self-respecting tanning salons, high-quality cosmetics are used. They come in several forms, and are intended for different purposes:

Developer. Promotes the start of the process of melanin production.
The fixer. Fixes the final result.
Activator. Makes tan more pronounced.
All cosmetics are selected individually. Their choice depends not only on the type of skin, but also on what kind of tan the client wants to get. Such questions are the responsibility of the administrator.

The structure of this cosmetics includes substances that have a beneficial effect on the skin. These specialized supplements are endowed with the ability to moisturize and nourish the skin. Due to the antioxidants that make up the cosmetics, it becomes less susceptible to premature aging.

Plus, it excludes damage by ozone and other harmful oxygen compounds, which are formed under the influence of UV rays. To try on yourself the effect of these cosmetics, you can visit the solarium on Nagornaya, which has already begun work.

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