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Not only in the salons need to care for dry skin. Not less successfully it can and should be done at home, independently. After all, a symptom such as dry skin, suggests that the body receives some of the batteries in insufficient quantities.

However, no less dry skin indicates a lack of care for the skin, as a result of which the water-salt balance of the epidermis was disturbed.A complex process occurs in the body when creatine accumulates at an accelerated pace, and the membrane cannot cope with creating a substitute for cells rising to the stratum corneum. The consequences of this are manifested on the face, on the arms and on the neck – dry skin, xerosis.

It differs dry skin dullness and inconspicuous pores, thinness and increased sensitivity, irritation and redness, peeling, low elasticity.

Professionals recommend such care

Regenerative cosmetics such as Green Tea are very effective. The drugs produced in this line act quickly and effectively moisturizing and soothing, because they are saturated with polyphenols and nourish the epidermis well.

Stimulating the renewal of the skin, these drugs rapidly eliminate peeling of the skin with its irritation, redness, reduce its sensitivity to the effects of unfavorable external environment, lability.

An indispensable recommendation is the inclusion in the program of silver clay with aloe – many people know such a detoxic mask. Excellent provides hydro-optimization of the epidermis concentrate “dry skin”, which should be added when irrigating the skin with cytoampuls. They need to be chosen with vitamin C – when peeling, and when irritated, “moisturizing.”

Alginate mask “Spirulina” effectively restores. It also perfectly smoothes wrinkles, suitable for modeling faces and for lifting.

“Anti-age”, gypsum model, perfectly enhances the microcirculation, improves skin tone and its moisture.

Essential oils of widely known chamomile and myrrh, cedar and lavender, jasmine and patchouli effectively contribute to the slowing down of the aging process and thinning of the epidermis.

Daily care

At home, every day you need to take care of your skin, using the “Green Tea” milk – it is intended for makeup removal and removal of surface impurities, elimination of tired skin syndrome. It is manifested by flabby skin and an earthy color.

To increase the skin’s elasticity, the “Herbal Garden” foam, various soaps (for example, “aloe”, “shea”, “goat’s milk”) should be used.

It should be noted that an excellent way to restore the hydro-lipid mantle is to add the patchouli essential oil to the means used to cleanse the skin.

Contrasting face douche stimulating the synthesis of epidermal cells is indispensable.

Vitamin tonic “Green tea” successfully eliminates puffiness, relieves skin irritation syndromes. An effective remedy is a compress tonic diluted in a 1: 1 ratio with warm water.

No less effective are the energy mask “Green Tea” with echinacea, cream-veil and night cream.

Home skin care 2-3 aza per week

It is necessary to exfoliate the horny scales of the epidermis, using a gentle peeling cream “Green tea with hazel kernel”, causing it with a thick layer of a five-minute mask. It is washed off with warm water.

Effective 10-15-minute milk baths with lavender or cedar, jasmine, chamomile (5-7 of any flavor emulsified in half a liter of cream, then diluted with warm water).

Focus on food

In the daily diet should be yellow and green vegetables and fruits (grapes and tomatoes, celery, pumpkin, spinach), nuts and oils of vegetable origin.

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