The ability of hair to collect and accumulate from the external environment is already known to almost everyone. Almost all people treat their hair just as an element of appearance.…

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Highlighting, dyeing, perming, combined with the harmful effects of environmental factors, such as polluted air and ultraviolet radiation, adversely affect the condition of our hair. They become dull and have…

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Many people know about the benefits of tanning beds. At the moment, this is the best way to get a tan, completely harmless to health. After all, thanks to sunburn,…

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For each person, hair is of particular importance, being not only an element of beauty and pride, but also a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

How to save hair in full
What needs to be done to restore, treat and preserve hair? Such questions are relevant for everyone at any time. Causes of problematic issues with hair are different.

They are usually associated with poor nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, stressful situations, frequent use of paints and bleaching agents. Such actions ultimately lead to a violation of the quality of the state and the amount of hair.

Considering the life rhythm and development of the chemical industry, we are increasingly thinking about the use of natural, but no less effective formulations that help in solving problems with a beautiful and healthy state.

Fortunately for us, today there are wonderful newest cosmetic preparations that make up a wide range of lines that help to solve difficult issues with hair.

We will try to understand what are the main goals of modern professional lines, considering for example the composition of the company NAPURA.

If the hair begins to fall out, then the main step for their restoration is regeneration of the follicle. And NAPURA perfectly helps in this by performing biological engineering of the hair and skin with the use of phyto-stem cell compositions of immature grapes and lilac flowers. Today’s technological capabilities make it possible to produce pure fluids filled with substances contained in such cells. Components of active groups have an impact due to the balance, helping to achieve maximum performance with falling out, weakened and thin hair. At the same time, there is an impact on the zones of hair loss, thickening of the core areas as they increase in the process of growth.

Growth stimulation
Lines that improve the growth process, help to fight with early hair loss growth inhibitors contained in the compositions. They make it possible to preserve the quality of the hair and their quantity to the maximum, normalizing growth. The impact of this kind does not allow the hair to fall prematurely, accelerates the growth process, improves the condition.

Biological cleaning with DetoxM
The compositions of this line are aimed at peeling the skin of the head, the normalization of blood circulation. Ultimately, the skin elasticity stabilizes, the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles increases, giving the hairstyle a strong and healthy look.

Anti-fallout drugs

The drugs affect the follicular zones of the hair, stimulating them and awakening growth in the “sleeping”. Active elements positively affect the hair structure, increasing its volume and adding shine.

Preventive actions

They assist in maintaining the results of programs at any time of the year. For a long time keeping the balance in the skin, help hair grow healthy and strong.

Dandruff Formulations

They create an antifungal, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect, giving the skin freshness and lightness, eliminating the itching and inflammatory areas, eliminating dandruff.

– grooming procedures

nutrition and hydration – help quickly achieve a long effect;
Keratin repair – recommended for hair that has undergone exposure to aggressive environment, weak and damaged.
In order not to get lost in this abundance of procedures and compositions, the first thing is to consult a professional specialist. It will help to identify the problem and select the most effective means.

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