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Every woman who has reached the age of thirty, turning in the morning in front of the mirror, can detect the appearance of a new wrinkle on her face. But you want to stay young for many years, but you don’t really want to go under the surgical knife. And then laser correction of the skin comes to the rescue.

The question may immediately arise: is it really possible to keep the skin young so easily and the help of a plastic surgeon will not be needed. It really is. Medicine offers many ways to fight aging, and one of them is laser rejuvenation.

Thanks to the application of this procedure, the following results can be achieved: the tone rises, the skin becomes very elastic, the pores that were open simply become invisible on the face. Mimic wrinkles will simply disappear from your face without a trace and for a long time, even the scars that were on your face will become imperceptible.

Advantages of the rejuvenation procedure using a laser procedure

First of all, the procedure takes place with the use of a special apparatus. The operation of this unit is based on safety, and it is painless. During the procedure, the client feels only heat, which is distributed throughout the skin.

You can apply for the procedure at any time of the year;

Laser rejuvenation GENESIS
The use of the drug is based on the improvement of the skin texture and significantly changes the complexion. It becomes more saturated, time imprint leaves the face. The skin becomes fresh and healthy; The whole procedure is based on starting the process of collagenogenesis inside the skin. Due to the fact that the effect of the laser, the collagen begins to be produced more, due to this there is a smoothing of the skin. The scars that were on the face are filled with it and become invisible.

Thanks to just such a procedure, your skin will become fresh, young and you will need a minimum of financial costs and your strength.

How Laser Genesis Technology Works

The method itself involves the impact on the skin of waves, this happens with the help of pulses emitted from the apparatus. It is due to this that the epidermis is heated. Moreover, the process itself is under the watchful supervision of a specialist.

Laser Genesis technology is very similar to natural thermal relaxation. After the procedure is completed, a few days more collagen is produced in the layers of the skin. Like other medical procedures, the laser rejuvenation procedure has contraindications, which you should definitely read before resorting to it.


The procedure is prohibited for patients who have previously been diagnosed with cancer;
If the patient has diabetes and no matter what stage it is, the procedure will be refused;
If at the time of treatment there are exacerbations of cardiovascular diseases, then it is not recommended to do the procedure;
Blood disorders;
With ARVI, acute respiratory infections, flu, the procedure can not be done the same way. Especially if diseases are accompanied by fever;
Infectious diseases – herpes, rash.
The procedure is prohibited for pregnant women, especially in the last trimester and at the stage of feeding the baby;
Mental illness and disorders;
Contraindicated procedure for people who suffer from high blood pressure;
There are also age restrictions. The procedure is shown to people not younger than 17 years. There is also a final age – 60 years;
If you visit a solarium or just come from a vacation, you have a tan on your body, you simply cannot do the procedure.
In spite of everything, women have a unique opportunity to become younger, without surgical intervention.

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