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In order to look young, it is just necessary to carry out effective procedures, prolonging and preserving the natural beauty.

Anti-aging ultrasound procedures using a unique apparatus called the Ulthera System are incredibly effective. Due to their effectiveness, they are becoming increasingly popular among the female population.

The specialized Ulthera System equipment allows the specialist conducting the rejuvenation session to view each layer of skin through the screen, which gives an absolute guarantee of action on the skin. This is a feature of this equipment and its difference from any other.

This rejuvenation procedure is called by specialists very effective and efficient. For this reason, the procedure has such success now. Customers are given a guarantee of quality and excellent results.

Features of the procedure:

The skin is susceptible to the action of special ultrasonic pulses, which gradually increase the temperature of the area, giving in to the action of the pulses. Collagen fibers shrink.

Collagen fibers, which stretch out over time, become more dense. This is due to the lifting on the soft tissue. The lifting effect increases, new collagen fibers appear, all this is due to the effects of ultrasound and the activation of the fibroblast. Conducting such a procedure can delay the skin tightening surgery for a long time.

The rejuvenation procedure lasts about 40 minutes. As a result of the first session, you can already notice some results. The final effect of rejuvenation will be noticeable after two or three months, when the skin and fiber will be tightened.

Often, rejuvenation sessions are performed on the neck, so that the difference is not visible.

Recommendations for the implementation of the procedure:

The event will show an incredibly effective and noticeable result if:

1. Eyebrows began to fall and excess skin on the eyelids began to hang;
2. Nasolabial folds began to deepen;
3. There was a flattening of the middle of the cheeks;
4. The contour of the face has changed;
5. The corners of the lips began to fall;
6. The skin on the chin and neck began to sag and began to look flabby;

The procedure for rejuvenation can be carried out as prevention of aging, so experts advise. With this approach, it is also very popular among modern women.

What is the advantage of ultrasonic treatment?

Absolutely not used any puncturing or notching. This ensures safety, protects against infection in the body. The absence of pain, as the skin will not be broken. After rejuvenation, there are no traces on the skin, only a slight redness that lasts a couple of hours.

Quick result.

You can adjust any area of ​​the face.

Contraindications to the procedure:

1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
2. The presence of pacemakers;
3. Various skin inflammations;
4. The presence of infection in the body;
5. Oncology
6. Diseases of the nervous system and psyche.

What is not recommended?

– Heat the skin for about five days.
– Exposed to sunlight.
-Provide sports.

After the ultrasound rejuvenation procedure with the help of the unique Ulthera System apparatus, soft tissues are tightened, and the facial contour improves, gradually recovering. The corners of the mouth rise, there is a lifting of the cheeks.

It is worth checking the effectiveness of the procedure of ultrasound rejuvenation on yourself. Magnificent machine Ulthera System will help to get the skin a beautiful youthful look. Procedures will give the skin elasticity and smoothness, delighting its owner for a long time.

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