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Educational materials on the correct application of foundation and lipstick selection are quite interesting for the modern fair sex. Tips on the use of false eyelashes and the subtleties of applying eyeliner are also not ignored.

You can not ignore such a seemingly difficult moment as the subtleties of the design of the face. This process is quite simple, even the one who has never done this before will cope with it. The main thing here is not to overdo it, but instead of a beautiful make-up something different-colored will come out. Further, all necessary instructions and subtleties will be covered to avoid gross mistakes and create a unique image.

Bronzer – an indispensable assistant

Even if we are talking about professional design, it is not at all necessary to use numerous shades of foundation creams for this. One high-quality bronzer is quite enough.

Both liquid and dry variations of these agents can be used, but in cases where the main goal is to expose the cheekbones, as well as the nose and chin, liquid bronzer is the best option. For women with dry skin, it will be the best choice. The first step is to apply the base and only after that you can begin to design.

We select the color correctly

It is important not only to choose a good base, special attention should be paid to the selection of the shade of bronzer. And here, too, should not be difficult. It just has to be two tones darker than the natural complexion.

Required Tools

When working with liquid bronzer, sponge is an ideal tool. But for the compact applied bevel brush. To give the created image a complete look, you should use a bronzer in the form of powder.

Bronzer application sites

Bronzer has been selected, all the tools have been prepared. It remains the case for the small – to do the actual construction. Dark and light strokes are applied according to the scheme shown in the figure. It is best to indulge in creativity, as do real artists. Be sure to darken the area in the direction of growing hair, cavities on the cheekbones and the side of the nose.

It is worth lightening to lighten those areas of the face that are noticeably protruding: the area around the eyebrows, certain areas of the cheekbones and nose, of course, the chin (or rather the bulging part of it) and the area that slightly bulges over the upper lip. But the main thing is not to overdo it. Makeup should be natural, as if the face was just slightly tanned.

Paying attention to shading

When the process of applying smears is completed, it’s time to do feathering. In order to avoid a strong contrast between the face and neck, be sure to feather the bronzer in the direction from the chin to the base of the neck. The transition should be smooth, natural.

How to contour correctly?

When applying a bronzer on the cheeks just circular movement is unacceptable. This will lead to the fact that they will be dark circles. Reciprocal, smooth movements made with a brush are considered correct. In addition, you should know that in cases of applying bronzer is very close to the eyes – they will visually decrease, they will seem much smaller than they actually are. Such actions should be avoided in every possible way, with bronzer applied to this area with particular diligence.

These are just the basic rules needed to construct a face. You can easily master them even at home. When the basics will be developed, you can safely proceed to a more complex, but interesting stage – professional design.

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