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Contour plastics
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Make a look more expressive, give your face a more youthful appearance, slightly raising the upper eyelid will help mascara. The truth for these purposes does not need to possess special skills, but for some reason, not everyone can do it beautifully.

Functions mascara

Mascara for lengthening the eyelashes. It is completed, as a rule, with a straight-shaped brush, having uniform bristles and a light texture;
Carcasses with a brush to create a twisting effect;
Black, other colors or transparent. As a rule, they are completed with different brushes and different textures;
For giving the effect of density and volume for eyelashes. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they are completed with a volumetric brush with a semicircular shape, having an uneven pile, the tool is distinguished by its density and viscosity;
Mascara to separate the eyelashes. Characterized by a short nap on the brush;
Multifunctional profile. Various functions are combined in such carcasses;
Combined type, where with the help of white carcass density is achieved, and thanks to the black color it becomes more saturated.
Ways to properly dye eyelashes. Understanding all this diversity is relatively easy, considering the natural color of your eyelashes and their structure.

So, for soft eyelashes, you need to use a hard brush that allows you to evenly paint each hair, but visually give them the effect of density and opacity.

With hard eyelashes, it will also be impractical to use a hard brush. Therefore, it is optimal to make your choice in favor of a solid brush and liquid mascara. With its help, it turns out to separate the eyelashes and prevent their sticking.

With rare eyelashes, a mascara with a dense texture will suit you, filling all the gaps to create a luxurious volume just after a couple of movements. To avoid injury to rare eyelashes, you can use a softer brush. For those who have long and thick eyelashes, almost any mascara is suitable, regardless of its consistency. It will need to be applied a small amount. Despite the recommendations of make-up artists on the correct coloring of the eyelashes, recently you can face their advice on choosing the right mascara.

It is proposed to give preference to carcasses with the function of lengthening, allowing to give to the eyes expressiveness and increase them in size. However, at the same time, we should not forget about the health of eyelashes, so it would be better if collagen to thicken hair, vitamins and other nutrients to grow and strengthen eyelashes will be part of your mascara.

Beautifully and correctly make up the eyelashes will not be difficult, provided that you use the 6 principles for applying mascara:

It is recommended to prepare the eyelashes in advance using a special tool or press the tips of the upper eyelashes to the upper eyelid with a finger, then immediately apply mascara;
It is correct to apply mascara on the eyelashes, distributing it from root to tip;
Brush movements should be vibrating and slightly pressing;
When approaching the brush to the tips of the eyelashes from the roots, it is necessary to twist it slightly, pressing on the tips, through pressing to the upper eyelid;
The lower lashes should be simply painted without lengthening;
After applying mascara, let it dry and separate eyelashes with a special brush.

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