Contour plastics are widely used to restore, as well as increase the volume of the face in modern cosmetology. This is an injection of hyaluronic acid, which is injected both…

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Miniature mites live under human skin. It is difficult to guess their existence, since they do not appear for a long time. Parasites feed on sebum and dead cells. With deep penetration into the skin, inflammation and the development of demodicosis appear.

Independently find out the causes of skin inflammation is not possible. The disease has similarities with signs of acne, rosacea. Treatment of the disease on the face is carried out only after diagnosis.

The disease in most cases extends to the chin, cheeks, nose, forehead. Typical signs of the disease:

weakened immunity;
nervous system disorder;
unhealthy diet;
use of overdue or poor quality cosmetics;
digestive disorders;
violation of the endocrine glands;
liver disease and digestive tract;
the presence of bad habits;
biological changes in skin fat;
lack of fresh air;
age after 60 years.
The effectiveness of the treatment of the disease depends on the establishment of the initial causes of development. The disease requires scrupulous diagnosis and long-term treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease
Diagnosis is not limited to the external examination of problem skin areas. In laboratories carried out studies of skin damaged by ticks. It is allowed to re-pass skin tests at the stage of treatment. This is done to assess the effectiveness of the course of treatment and make a correction if necessary.

Treatment methods are prescribed on the basis of the diagnostic results obtained and the characteristics of the organism. The patient’s gender, age, the presence of chronic diseases, the system of hormones, intolerance to the chemical components included in the drugs are taken into account.

For the treatment of skin diseases, active and passive therapeutic forms, drug therapy are prescribed. To achieve a positive effect in parallel with the treatment it is proposed to use folk remedies.

1. Medication treatment. Effective and safe medicines:

ointments, for example, such as ichthyol, sulfur “Aversect”;
creams, gels, such as Dexodem Phyto;
drugs that increase immunity, if the disease has arisen due to the weakening; for the destruction of parasites, including trichopol, tinidazole; for the normal functioning of the digestive tract.

2. Depending on the symptoms of the course of the disease, electrophoresis is prescribed. The procedure helps to reduce the activity of parasites.

3. People’s treatment. These tools are used only after consulting a doctor. Ways to improve the skin by folk methods:

the use of tar soap, has antibacterial action when washing, fights against diseases of the fungus;
wipe the skin of the face with essential oil of tea tree;
infusion of calendula and eucalyptus per day no more than two times;
every day to make masks prepared on the basis of clay of yellow color, leaving them for the night, fixing it with a patch or bandage on the face;
a compress made from dried black currant berries.

Contour plastics
Contour correction is an innovative method that can, without an operation, change the contours of the face, including: enlarge the lips, change the outlines of the cheekbones or chin, and…


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