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When the water balance is normal – the skin will always emit glow.
The fact is that for the biochemical reaction under the skin is a continuous process that requires water. If your skin is without sufficient water content, dehydration occurs and the skin loses its elasticity, as a result of which elasticity is lost, metabolic processes are slowed down, and as a result, aging occurs.

Experts advise to moisturize the skin during puberty, you can start as early as 20 years, the older you get, the faster the moisturizing factor of the skin decreases. The reasons for the loss of moisture is enough:

Sun, wind, cold
Stress, inadequate water intake, smoking and alcohol


There is a difference: A lack of lipids leads to dry skin, and a lack of moisture is always dehydrated skin.

It is very important to know that dry skin is often genetics. If you have a heredity, it may occur and you will need to moisturize the skin continuously. Often it is dry skin that is prone to dehydration. Due to the lack of lipids, dry skin cannot cope with the performance of its protective functions and subsequently loses moisture.

Dehydrated skin is always less elastic, and the color is dull, there is tightness and discomfort resulting in desquamation and, as a result, fine wrinkles.

Moisturize the skin, regardless of the season.

In the summer, gels and fluids will do, and in winter – nutritious products. At any time of the year it is useful to make moisturizing masks. It is also very important to saturate the skin with micronutrients and vitamins. The most important thing to consider the condition of the skin at the moment, to prevent an increased degree of hydration and not aggravate the situation.

Special creams with a high content of hyaluronic acid and replacement therapy, namely, mesotherapy will help retain moisture in your skin.

Creams with SPF factor form a kind of film on the skin that will protect the skin from moisture evaporation. Pay attention to the cream in high content in creams of glycerin, mineral oils and fats.

Silicon is an important component in the structure of the skin.
Dimetikon – reliably retains moisture in the stratum corneum.
Hyaluronic acid – binds and holds water molecules in the deeper layers of the skin and forms a moist environment and promotes cell regeneration.
Chitosan – is extracted from the shell of crustaceans
Milk proteins – are also able to retain moisture in the skin structure for a long time.

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